Kern River - North Fork


Like all magnificent rivers, the Kern has many faces and moods, from rushing white water areas, to quiet, serene places. All photographed along Sierra Way (Mtn 99 Road) between Kernville and Johnsondale, from 2009 - 2017 in various seasons.

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01kern120544w 02kern8117aw
03kern-adenostoma1102w 04kern9559w
From a bridge in Kernville, looking north
05kern01400aw 06kern02061w
07kern06847w 08kern07431aw
09kern07434aw 10kern07502aw
11kern07514aw 12kern110863w
13kern2891w 14kern-northfork0633a
From the Johnsondale bridge
15kern1150204w 16kern9793aw
17kern1120903- 18senecio-kern1110150w
19kern-south-creek1130113w 20kern-south-creek1130114w

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