Winter in the Southern Sierra Nevada
December 2017 — January 2018

Winter in our natural world is full of suprises. Some trees have lost their leaves, others pretend it is still Fall. Elevation plays a part, and Fall lingers at the higher elevations into December.

Plants adjust to the presence or lack of rainfall, and often both flower and seed pod are present. New growth prepares for the new upcoming season.

Wildlife come and go according to migratory instincts. Some, such as the Califoarnia Mule Deer, stay in their home location most of the year.

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05south-creek-falls0046aw1 06aythya_collaris1050475w 07odocoileus_hemionus0334w 08acmispon_strigosus0737w
09lupinus_sp0690aw 10cuscuta_californica1109w 11eriophyllum_confertiflorum0707w 12eriogonum_nudum_var_westonii0733w
13phacelia_ramosissima0719w 14mimulus_aurantiacus0715w 15populus_fremontii1112w1200
01encelia_actoni0007w 02epilobium_canum09948w 03asclepias_speciosa0072w1400 04acmispon_glaber09993w
05anas_platyrhynchos0130w 06duck1060319w 07fulica_americana0694w 08spermophilus_beecheyi0359aw
01erigeron_multiceps0745w 02erodium_cicutarium0753w 03phacelia_egena0759w 04blue0782w

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