Ponderosa, with a population of 64, sits at 7200' high in the sierras. It is classified as a census-designated place (CDP) in Tulare County, California, about 45 miles north of Kernville, 5 miles north of the Trail of 100 Giants (location of the massive Sequoia Trees).

It is named for the abundance of the beautiful Ponderosa pine tree, which interestingly, is overshadowed by the corridor of Quaking Aspens just north of the Ponderosa Lodge along the Western Divide Highway.

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Western Divide Highway flanked by Ponderosa Pines
Private company plows the highway through Ponderosa. In winter, the road out of Johnsondale is not plowed, so access to Ponderosa is from the west through Porterville.
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Ponderosa Lodge
Quaking Aspens displaying fall colors
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Bark of Quaking Aspen
The flat, ribbon-like petiole allows the leaf to flutter in the wind, hence, the term "quaking."
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Quaking Aspens in winter - about 2 miles north of the Lodge
I was fortunate to drive up following a light snow before the road out of Johsondale was closed.
Quaker Meadow Christian Camp, a few miles north of the Ponderosa Lodge

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