Kern Valley Museum


The Kern Valley Museum houses artifacts from prehistoric times to the present. We have a large geological and fossil exhibit, mining and ranching artifacts, an interactive history of the Edison hydroelectric plants, exhibits of the movie-making history of the area and construction of the Isabella Dam.

These spectacular displays interpret the rich and complex social, cultural and economic history of the Kern River Valley, and are offered to visitors without charge. The Research Annex houses a massive collection of books, documents, art, photographs and other items of interest to researchers and genealogists. Through its exhibits, publications, and programs, we may trace who and what we are, how we achieved our distinct identity, and what unique contributions we make to the region and state.

"The Great Western Art Competition"

The opening reception for this ground-breaking show in December was attended by at least 70 people who came to review, and cast their secret ballots, for the best of 47 magnificent works of art submitted by fifteen of the most talented artists living throughout Kern County.



The friendly volunteer staff are very knowledgeable about the history of the Kern River Valley, and are always eager to answer visitors' questions!




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