La Camarita

La Camarita - known as the Philip Banks Home - is a beautiful old home in Riverside, built in 1933. Philip was the son of Walter Banks, a pharmacist in Riverside. Walter was appointed to the Park Commisson and later became its president.

During Walter Banks’ tenure on the Park Commission, the City acquired 21 additional acres in Fairmount Park, including the marshland on which Lake Evans was developed. Also during this time, the City Beautiful program was in full swing, and its street tree program received much recognition nation wide.

Philip became a pharmacist and joined his father's business, the Banks Drugstore, at the corner of Mission Inn and Main Street. In 1968, Philip closed the Banks Drug Store and retired.

The present owners of the home have maintained the original garden (mostly cactus) and have added other interesting species of plants.


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Banks Drive, which connects Redwood Drive and Locust Streets, was named for Phil's father, Walter Banks.



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