Some who had the privilege of experiencing  "the charisma of this master teacher" have graciously sent me their reminiscences of Dr. Jaeger. Click on a name to read an article.

Dr. Jaeger’s influence both in and out of the classroom was far-reaching. See the article below by Lloyd Mason Smith.
Jim Cornett, former natural history curator for the Palm Springs Desert Museum and one of the nation’s top roadrunner experts, once said about Dr. Jaeger,  “He was the person more than anyone else who got me excited about the desert. ”
Read a Press- Enterprise article about him.

Ken Maxwell accompanied Dr. Jaeger on a camping trip in 1928. Click below to read his account.



Article by Peter Wild, in The Wildflower, Summer 1999
Articles by Ann Japenga, in Desert Magazine
  • October, 2003: "The Dean of the Deserts"

    Ann refers to Dr. Jaeger as "one of the nation's most influential

  • July, 2004:  “Baskets and shells, strata and data”

    Dr. Jaeger played a major role in the establishment of the Desert Museum in Palm Springs. Sadly, the natural history part of museum has been discontinued. Ann chronicles the museum's history