Flora of Arizona and Utah
October 20-29, 2012

Late October is certainly not the ideal season for photographing beautiful wildflowers in Arizona and Utah, but I and my brother, Clayton, still found many picturesque floral scenes as we traveled through the area. Often, spent flowers and seeds make attractive compositions.

Below, an early morning vista on Highway 9 approaching Zion National Park, revealed seed pods proudly displaying themselves on rather tall plants, with the sun lighting up the buttes in the background.


We spent two days in the Oak Creek Canyon area and then headed north for a view of the Grand Canyon, South Rim. Then it was onward to Kanab, Utah, for three days to take in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park.

01baileya_multiradiata1320286 02cowania1310336 03encelia_farinosa1320262
04equisetum1320168 05cercocarpus1310080 06ericameria_nauseosus1310272web
07castilleja1310370web 08echinocereus_engelmannii1310300web 09eriogonum300892aWeb
10opuntia_acanthocarpa1320328 11opuntia_engelmanii1300946web 12opuntia_fulgida1320219bWeb
13opuntia_bigelovii300917 14chilopsis_linearis1320204 15ipomopsis_aggregata1310404web
16fallugia_paradoxa1310217 17larrea_tridentata1320336web 18penstemon1310400
19penstemon1310425 20lupinus1310469web 21salsola_kali1310148web
22machaeranthera1310281web 23machaeranthera1320079web 24oenothera_hookeri1320141web
25solidago_altissima1320175web 26sphaeralcea_ambigua1310289 27verbascum_thapsis6265web
28zauschneria_californica1310523web 29senecio1310495 30stephanomeria_pauciflora1320278web
31-1310222web 32-320186web 33-1320275web
34-300921web 35-1310716web 36-1320007web
37-1300997web 38-1310522web 39-yellow1320291web

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