Muscovy Ducks at Fairmount Park

Muscovy Ducks, Cairina moschata
are recognized by their colorful red wattle, or caruncle.


Due to hybridization in the wild and other cross breeding, the Muscovy comes in a variety of colors and plumage.

cairina1100595w cairina_moschata1060693w cairina_moschata1090136w cairina_moschata1090724w cairina_moschata1100943aw
cairina_moschata1100949aw cairina_moschata1380937w muscovy1050184w muscovy1340308aw muscovy1340327w
muscovy1340333w muscovy1340702aw1 muscovy1340709bw muscovy1340724w muscovy1340760w
muscovy1340764w muscovy1340772w muscovy1340778w muscovy1340820w muscovy1340854aw
muscovy1340899aw zmuscovy1340867bw

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