Elegant Clarkia; Woodland Clarkia
Clarkia unguiculata
Family: Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

The Clarkia genus is named for William Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame.
The species name
unguiculata means "toenail" or "claw," referring to the narrow claw at the base of the petal. Other species of Clarkia have a wider base.

01-clarkia1050259w 02-clarkia1050260w 03-clarkia1050262w 04-clarkia1050226w
05-clarkia1050225w 06-clarkia1040951w 07-clarkia1040952w 08-clarkia1050289w
09-clarkia1050220w 10-clarkia1040988w 11-clarkia1040993w 12-clarkia1040989w
13-clarkia1050214w 14-clarkia1050216w 15-clarkia1050217w 16-clarkia1050252w
17-clarkia1050274w 18-clarkia1050256w

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