Sony FE 2.8/50mm Macro

The recessed lens negates the need for a hood. The lens does not block the flash when close to the subject.

A focus-range limiter switch on the barrel controls three working distance ranges:

     Close: from about 8.75" down to 1.75"
     Middle: from 8.75" to infinity
     Full: from 1.75" to infinity

AF is a bit slow, so not the best lens for photographing insects on the move. Normally, I don't photograph insects unless they happen to be sitting on a flower, so this hasn't been an issue with me.

Hunting occurs when close to either side of one of the focus limits. It helps to use the Full setting.

While there is an AF/MF switch on the lens, I've found it quicker and more useful to configure the camera's Center Button for AF/MF and configure the Focus Hold Button on the lens for Focus Magnifier. This way, it's easier to Magnify the Focus when using MF Assist.

50mm makes the lens very useful as an all purpose lens, and is stellar for landscapes.


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