Sony FE 2.8/50mm Macro

The recessed lens negates the need for a hood. The lens does not block the flash when close to the subject.

A focus-range limiter switch on the barrel controls three working distance ranges:

     Close: from about 8.75" down to 1.75"
     Middle: from 8.75" to infinity
     Full: from 1.75" to infinity

Using the limiter switch helps minimize hunting.

AF is a bit slow, so not the best lens for photographing insects on the move. Normally, I don't photograph insects unless they happen to be sitting on a flower, so this hasn't been an issue with me.

There is an AF/MF switch on the lens.

There is a Focus Hold Button on the lens. I've configured it for for Focus Magnifier, making it easier to Magnify the Focus when using DMF + MF Assist.

50mm makes the lens very useful as an all purpose lens, and is stellar for landscapes.


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