ZEISS Batis 2.8/18

The lens comes with a hood which mounts very securely onto the lens ring, with a prominent "click" to insure it is locked. There is no play at all once the hood is secured. The hood is easily reversed on the lens for storage if desired.

The lens cap has nice large inside tabs for easy gripping/squeezing when attaching/removing the cap while the hood is mounted. The outside tabs have small gaps on each side of the tab, making it easy to feel where the tabs are located.

My B+W CPL threaded front ring is similar to the threaded front ring on the lens, so the lens cap easily attaches to the CPL.

I've found both the hood and the lens cap very easy to work with.

The rubberized MF focusing ring is very smooth and seems ideally placed for my hand. With the camera balanced in my left palm, I can grip and turn the focusing ring with my thumb and middle finger.

For a large looking lens, the Batis 2.8/18 is relatively light at 11.6 ounces, .2 ounces less than the Batis 2/25.

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Fairmount Park, Riverside, CA. A wide view to show the expanse of the lake and the boat house.
Fairmount Park - footbridge. The wide angle is useful for close-in framing.
03fairmount02989bw Fairmount Park. Another view of the entire lake. 04fairmount02991bw Fairmount Park. Another view of the footbridge.
05lake01069w Johnsondale, Sequoia National Forest, CA. 06scene01697w Johnsondale, Sequoia National Forest, CA.
07yucca_brevifolia00807w Burnt Joshua Trees, Hwy 178 near Walker Pass, Kern County, CA 08scene01699aw Rabbit Brush, Mtn99 Road, Sequoia National Forest, CA
09fairmount00413aw1 Spillway, Fairmount Park 10brush-creek01598w Brush Creek, Mtn99 Road, Sequoia National Forest, CA
11iglesia00411cw Riverside, CA 12courthouse00402cw Riverside, CA
13mission00426aw Historic Mission Inn, Riverside, CA 14mission00433w Historic Mission Inn
15church00349w2 Historic stained glass windows, Riverside, CA 16market00327aw Street Market, Riverside, CA
17market00330aw Street Market, Riverside, CA 18market00332dw Street Market, Riverside, CA
19market00360aw1 Street Market, Riverside, CA 20market00379BWaw Street Market, Riverside, CA
Reflections, Store front
Cafe, Kernville
More scenes from the Sequoia National Forest
lake01077aw lake01327w
Western Mojave Desert