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Yucca brevifolia var. herbertii


Several years ago there was a small fire along Hwy 178 in Kern County near South Fork Valley, burning less than 1 acre. Last August, a larger fire -- about 5 acres -- occurred just east of Walker Pass on the same highway. Joshua Trees were burned in both locations.

This is what that area looked like one month later:

September 2016: Yucca brevifolia var. herbertii, Walker Pass, Hwy. 178, Kern County

Biologists have noted that this variety of Yucca brevifolia, sometimes called the Kern County Joshua Tree, can reproduce from the rhizomes -- modified underground stems -- noticeable especially following a fire. Indeed, that is what has happened. The fire did not burn long enough to destroy the rootstocks.

A year later: the first four photographs are from the Walker Pass area, the second four, from the area farther west. That second area has been recovering longer, so the new growth is taller.

September 2017
01yucca_brevifolia_var_herbertii08255aw 02yucca_brevifolia_var_herbertii07802aw 03yucca_brevifolia_var_herbertii07422aw 04yucca_brevifolia_var_herbertii08259w
05yucca-recover08737w 06yucca-recover08736aw 07yucca-recover08742w 08yucca-recover08739w

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