Pioneer Park


Pioneer Park displays two vehicles from early years: a mining dump truck, and a fire engine.

From HanksTruckForum:

"The Quarry truck (mine truck) is a Lectra Haul M-85 [refers to 85 ton payload capacity], it was built by Unit Rig & Equipment of Tulsa Oklahoma. It was first built in July 1963, the first one was delivered to Kennecott Copper's Chino Mine in New Mexico. This was the largest 2 axle truck available at the time. The engine of choice was the Cummins VT- 12-700, rated at 700 gross hp."

The body is made of 100,000 psi yield steel.

The tire size is 24.00R49

Tire weight is 2940 lbs. (1.3 tons)

Tires are filled with 1/2 air, 1/2 water, to prevent explosion in case of a tire puncture.

The fire truck is an 1956 International Harvester.

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