Astragalus (Milkvetch) has about 97 species in California. Some with several varieties.

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Astragalus lentiginosus var. variabilis, Barneby.

Phototographed in the western Mojave Desert along Hwy 395,
north of Kramer Junction.

astragalus, from the Greek meaning "ankle bone" referring to the shape of the seed pods.

lentiginosus = freckled, referring to freckled seed pods

01a-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_variabilis01787-w 01b-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_variabilis01785w
01c-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_variabilis01783w 01d-astragalus_lentiginosus1390186


Astragalus trichopodus var. trichopodus, A. Gray.

Photographed at the junction of Hwy 58 and Bealville Road:
the turnoff to Caliente in southern Kern County.

CalFlora Location: cch:LA205766

02a-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_nigricalycis01938w 02b-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_nigricalycis01925w
02c-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_nigricalycis1390237aw 02d-astragalus_lentiginosus_var_nigricalycis01932w


Astragalus sp.

Photographed at Walker Pass, Kern County:
on the slope above the historical markers.

Historical Markers
Walker Pass, Hwy 178, Kern County
5200' Elevation
03a-astragalus_whitneyi1110387bw 03b-astragalus_whitneyi1110387aw
03c-astragalus_whitneyi1110386aw 03d-astragalus_whitneyi1110389aw

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