Milkweed and the Monarch
Sequoia National Forest

September 28, 2015: The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) announced grants to help the poor Monarch and its dwindling food supply for the larva:

NFWF Announces $3.3 Million in Grants from Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund - September 28, 2015

"The 22 grants, which will be matched by more than $6.7 million in guaranteed contributions, will support the restoration of up to 33,000 acres of [native milkweed] habitat in areas identified by experts as key to monarch recovery."

March 1, 2016: Reports from Mexico are optimistic about the Monarch's Recovery.

Mexico;s Monarch Population is Rebounding - 3/1/2016

"An estimated 140 million monarch butterflies spent the winter in Mexico this year, a significant increase from last year. What conservation efforts went into this progress?"

August 29, 2016: Questions arise about the success of Monarch Rebounding

Are monarch butterflies dwindling or rebounding? 8/29/2016

"Despite reports of an encouraging rebound in the butterfly's population earlier this year, butterfly counts this summer are coming up short."

September 10, 2016: How Illinois plans to help save the Monarch butterfly

How Illinois plans to help save the Monarch butterfly. 9/10/2016

"As the monarch butterfly population continues to dwindle, conservation efforts and campaigns to increase awareness have increased, particularly in Illinois, which lies on one of the insect's migration paths."

In the Sequoia National Forest in California, the milkweed habitat has not succumbed to big agriculture and development. There are three species of Milkweed (genus: Asclepias) for the Monarch (Danaus plexippus).

01-asclepias_cordifolia1220297w 02asclepias_fascicularis3359w 03asclepias_speciosa1250460w 04critter_danaus_plexippus8509w
05danaus110030w 06critter_swallotail1070912w 07Oncopeltus_fasciatus1250464w 08asclepias_speciosa1250469w
09Pepsis_grossa1260563w 10critter_asclepias_speciosa5220w 11critter_milkweed1260573w 12asclepias_speciosa1160789w

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